Miscellaneous 2

We who have to earn our bread,
We must all endeavour
Strive against our laziness
Try to grow more clever.

Elder sisters, you may work
Work and help your mothers
Darn the stockings, mend the shirts
Father's things, and brothers'.

Younger boys, and you may work
If you are but willing
Thro' the week in many ways
You may earn your shilling.

— Jarrold, New Code Reading Books, 1871.
quoted in Stephen J. Heathorn, "For home, country, and race: constructing gender, class, and Englishness in the elementary school, 1880-1914", 2000.
"The fever van symbolized the power of the medical officer of health, and was disliked and feared. The presence of a fever van in the street meant that a child would be forcibly taken from the family, with a strong likelihood of never returning, such was the high mortality of scarlet fever and diphtheria." – Journal of Royal Society of Medicine pdf.))
"The Irish 'Book of Leinster', which was written in the twelfth century AD, describes the Tailteann Games held at Telltown, County Meath from 1829 BC until at least 554 BC, and in a revived version until 1166 AD. Included in these events were stone throwing, pole vaulting, high jumping, the geal-ruith (triple jump), the gaelbolga (dart throw) and the Roth-cleas (throwing a wheel). These games predated the ancient Greek Olympics, which argues against those who suggest that the games came to Britain through the Romans. Greek sport did include events such as those mentioned above, but they appear to be an entirely separate tradition." — History of Highland Games. Father Taylor is alive and well.
St Francis of Assisi, 13th Century

Brother Ass and St. Francis

It came to pass
That "Brother Ass"
(As he his Body named,)
Unto the Saint
Thus made complaint:
"I am unjustly blamed ..."
John B Tabb (1845-1909), Later Poems, 1910.