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Historical map of ancient Ireland by Wenceslas Hollar (1607-1677)
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Map of Ireland showing counties and provinces
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map wexford
Ferns, in County Wexford, in the province of Leinster

Ferns — once capital of the kingdom of Leinster, seat of the clan MacMurrough, chair of an episcopal see ... Ferns now is a villlage in County Wexford on the south-east corner of Ireland, with a population of 954 souls.

Ferns Castle
Ferns Castle, 13th century

It was here Dermot MacMurrough, "by whom a trembling sod was made of all Ireland", ruled as petty king. The district around Ferns, known as Hy Cinsellagh, was the clan MacMurrough's home territory. Here too the Normans first feasted when Dermot carried them to Ireland.

In the novel, Hy Cinsellagh becomes "High Kinsella", the country retreat of the MacMurrough family. Eveline's father, Dermot James William MacMurrough, was returned as Member of Parliament for the "borough of Ferns". In reality, Ferns was not a borough, nor did it return any member to Parliament.

Wikipedia: Ferns, County Wexford